What tasks can our va help with?

Our VA can help you with anything except bringing you a coffee or a file. From Social Media marketing, accounting, executive assistance, data entry work, and more. Need a website designed? We also design and develop websites. Need a writer? Sure thing. We can do pretty much anything that can be done virtually. Learn more about our services here

How do we assign vas to clients?

We assign virtual assistants based on the types of projects and skills needed. Before we assign a VA, one of our assistants will contact you to learn what projects you will have for us. Based on your requirements, we will identify a VA and assign for you.

How much do our services cost?

The standard price of our virtual assistant services is $4 per hour. This is a very basic plan. If you are looking for pro-assistant then we have an another plan for you which would cost you just about $8 per hour.

What happens if i run out of hours in my plan?

No problem. You can add as many add-on hours as you want at $4/hr.

Do my hours roll over if hours are unused?

Yes, they do rollover in the next billing cycle only if you are using a recurring plan.

But if you are not in a recurring plan and have not used your hours within 90 days of your sign-up, the unused hours will be terminated or cancelled automatically.

Will I get the same virtual assistant each time?

We provide dedicated virtual assistants. You will be working with the same assistant unless you want a change.

Where are we located?

Currently we are operating all our services from India.

How can I contact your virtual assistant?

You can always email us at support@virtualouspro.com or contact us here

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