Virtual Marketing Assistant – Why do you need one?

Virtual Marketing Assistant: A Complete Guide for Hiring a VMA

A Complete Guide for Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant

You might consider hiring a virtual marketing assistant if your business schedule is getting out of hand. Running a business is not easy, especially if you are a sole proprietor. Some people try to do too much themselves or lack the organizational skills that they need in order to stay on top of things in a professional manner.

That’s where a virtual marketing assistant can come in. Hiring a full-time VMA could be just what your business needs in order to get everything that it wants from its online presence.

In this guide, we answer those questions and more to help you decide if a virtual marketing assistant will be worth it for your business or not.

Today’s small business owner needs to wear many hats. Not only do you need to take care of your business, but you have to run it as well. In addition, marketing can seem like a mysterious skill that others know how to do but you don’t.

The idea of hiring a marketing assistant may seem overwhelming or even unnecessary if you have enough on your plate already, but once you learn more about what they can do for your business, there’s no going back! But before we go deep into the concept of VMA let’s understand first What Is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

What Is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant, also known as a VMA for short, is not an employee—they’re an independent contractor who offers clerical and project management support to your marketing department remotely from the comfort of their home or office of their own.

A virtual marketing assistant (VMA) is capable of doing everything from social media management and writing for your blog articles to creating graphics for your website, so it’s easy to see why so many people love them—but what makes these assistants so special?

Let’s break down some common questions about VMA services:

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Marketing Assistant For Your Business?

Before anything else, think about whether or not you need help with marketing at all. Remember, if your business doesn’t have time to dedicate to marketing, then it might be too early in its development for marketing-related tasks.

Then again, maybe you spend hours each week working on marketing without seeing any results. In either case, a VMA service might be just what you need! Once you decide that one is right for you, contact several candidates and let them know exactly what sort of work they will be expected to do while working with your company.

A marketing virtual assistant is an online remote employee who does work related to marketing, without being located in the same building as you are.

If you’re new to the concept of hiring virtual employees, you might be wondering what exactly these virtual assistants do, how they can help your small business, and whether they’re worth the cost of their salary—both in money and time.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant?

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, hiring someone to handle your emails can make life much easier. The last thing you want to do when you’re busy running a business is worry about answering e-mails – let alone dealing with non-paying customers!

A virtual marketing assistant will take care of responding to e-mails and other forms of communication so that you can focus on growing your company.

Here are the top five reasons to hire a virtual marketing assistant:

So, why hire a virtual marketing assistant?

A virtual marketing assistant has the flexibility of helping you grow your business no matter where they are located. Whether they’re at home or in another country, there are many advantages of hiring someone who works remotely.

Here are the top five reasons to hire a virtual marketing assistant:

1. Lower training and operating cost

Hiring someone in-house to help with your day-to-day tasks, like responding to e-mails, social media management, or online research, can be hard. Even worse if you’re trying to hire multiple people for your business.

With monthly expenses like salary, taxes, training, equipment and many more things that you spend your money on make it even harder to focus on the marketing of your business. Having a virtual marketing assistant can help you get more work done with less resources while paying only when needed.

For instance, it is easier to hire a virtual assistant at $15 per hour than hiring someone at $50k per year.

You can always hire multiple VA’s if it is really necessary.

A VMA may help with customer service, social media management, email management, organizing schedules and events—just to name a few things. And because their role is so fluid depending on what type of business you have and what it needs, there are many advantages associated with hiring a VA instead of employees.

You can keep costs down by not having to cover overhead for traditional employees, you get complete transparency with most VAs, since they operate remotely—meaning no more worrying if your employee is actually working when he says he will!

All of these factors combine to make having a virtual assistant one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my small business!

2. They know all the business tools

The best VAs know how to use tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads Manager without much oversight from their employer.

They are fluent in most social media platforms as well as blogging platforms like WordPress and HubSpot CMS, MS Office, marketing software and online tools (Web Analytics, Google Adwords, CRM tools, etc).

A virtual marketing assistant can help with virtually anything that needs to be done online. As long as it’s not physical labor (like moving furniture) they can be extremely helpful in growing your small business!

3. A VMA has a Similar mindset

A virtual marketing assistant has a similar mindset to entrepreneurs like you and me. They value flexibility, autonomy and work-life balance over higher pay.

It is easier to get along with them than normal employees who are likely to demand more benefits or expect promotions if they did a good job.

If they know that you are looking at other VAs in case their performance is not up to your expectation, it will keep them on their toes, which is usually enough motivation for VA’s to do their job well.

4. Frees Up Time For you to be more productive

Depending on what your company needs help with, hiring a virtual assistant can save you time by letting you focus on other aspects of running your business.

As an entrepreneur, every second counts!

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant who will take care of some of your less important but still essential tasks allows you to focus on growing your business.

5. Increase Efficiency

As a business owner, you probably have your hands full. With only 24 hours in a day, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on your plate.

While some entrepreneurs thrive on their full plates and find ways to successfully manage it all, others understand that there are certain tasks they would rather not spend their time doing—or don’t know how to do well. These tasks include things like updating social media accounts regularly or keeping track of sales leads.

That’s where virtual marketing assistants come in. You can increase efficiency by outsourcing these marketing tasks to virtual marketing assistants. A VMA can help free up more of your time and help you increase your efficiency as a business owner by taking over these noncore marketing tasks.

For instance, you can get your social media tasks done by a VMA, such as posting content on Facebook pages and scheduling posts across other platforms.

You might be thinking that all of these are easy enough to do yourself but when it comes to getting things done in bulk, hiring someone for them makes more sense. It does not matter if it is in writing or typing in links manually into Instagram or Twitter. If you have someone else who can do these things better than you, then why not let them handle that? You only need to focus on your core tasks instead of wasting time doing everything yourself.

How Do I Know if I Need One?

There are many ways you can realize if you need a digital marketing assistant. If you don’t need 24/7 support, but need someone to handle some basic marketing tasks, perhaps you only need part-time help. If you need help with web content, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and social media marketing consider getting someone who specializes in that field.

For specialized jobs like design work or writing articles, look for an expert. Use your business goals as your guide when choosing what services to outsource. Once you know what tasks you want to outsource, it’s easier to find a company or freelancer who can do it for you at an affordable rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Most freelancers will charge per hour, although some may charge per project or task. The average marketing virtual assistant hourly rate is $15-40, but rates will vary depending on what level of marketing the assistant is familiar with, industry experience, and more. The above virtual marketing assistant rates may also fluctuate depending on your hiring needs.

They might charge you a per-project basis as well if the hourly price doesn’t suit your needs. You can expect around $400-$2500 per project depending on the project. This flat rate will depend on the complexity and severity of the job and the assistant’s experience level.

My tips:

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant for your small business can be a big step. You want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely so you get exactly what you need from someone with experience in your niche.

Use these tips to help determine how much it will cost to hire a virtual marketing assistant for your business.

Asking yourself, Why should I hire a virtual marketing assistant before engaging one can help you determine if it makes sense for your business.

There are several advantages to hiring an online marketing assistant.

First, VMA’s are affordable. A quality virtual marketing assistant costs much less than their in-office counterparts.

Second, hiring an online marketing assistant allows you to connect with someone who knows what they’re doing rather than trying to learn on your own.

A big part of working with anyone is communicating clearly. If you don’t explain your expectations in detail, then you’ll end up frustrated when they do things their way instead of yours. If possible, work with an assistant who has experience with what type of jobs or tasks they will be doing.

What does a virtual marketing assistant do?

A virtual marketing assistant, also known as a VMA, or VA for short, is not an employee—they’re an independent contractor.

VMAs are usually hired to perform basic marketing tasks, such as responding to emails, B2B Data Enrichmentmanaging social media accountslead generation, creating content for websites, writing reports or proposals. Since VA’s are typically hired remotely, these tasks can be performed anywhere in the world at any time. Some companies even have their virtual assistants work during off-peak hours when their service rates are reduced. This way they get more bang for their buck!

Since they are independent contractors, you don’t need to worry about providing any benefits or issuing paychecks!

Of course, while these individuals do perform tasks related to your marketing strategy, they aren’t limited to just that. In fact, some VAs have many different skills that can be useful in almost any business setting.

Why small business needs a virtual marketing assistant?

Answering questions like, Why does a small business need a virtual marketing assistant? How can hiring an online assistant help my business grow? are great questions for any small business owner to ask. Whether you already have one or are considering hiring one, understanding how they can benefit your company will put you on your way to better utilize their services. Hiring a VMA gives you back time to focus on what matters most: growing your business. Find out how!

When do businesses typically hire VAs?

Like many other kinds of specialized professionals (think lawyers, financial advisors or personal trainers), companies hire VAs when they realize they don’t necessarily want to handle certain tasks themselves and there isn’t someone in-house with enough expertise to take over. Other times, owners choose VAs because it’s more affordable than hiring someone who works at their office full-time.

List of virtual marketing assistant services

There are many ways in which virtual marketing assistants can assist you in growing your business. Here’s an overview of what they do:

1. Social media marketing

If you need assistance with social media marketing campaigns, then hiring a virtual assistant can be incredibly helpful. They can run contests, schedule posts, analyze social media data, and even review your social media analytics reports.

Let’s face it, social media is a full-time job. But what if you don’t have someone in-house to handle it? A virtual marketing assistant (VMA) can take over your social media management to help free up your time.

You can even assign them tasks like responding to mentions and comments, schedule posts across different social media platforms, ads management, etc. They might not be able to do everything you need, but they will certainly save you time while getting your name out there more effectively than ever before.

2. Content creation for blogs, landing pages and social media updates

In order to get your message out there, it’s important to have fresh content. Having a VMA on board to help create content will not only help you increase your visibility online but also help you boost traffic. Be sure that they have a good understanding of SEO best practices to ensure that any content they produce will drive more traffic back to your site.

A VMA can help your business with writing blog posts, articles or even just basic copywriting tasks.

3. Web Research, Reports and Lead Generation

A VMA can help you with web research, gathering b2b data points to support your b2b lead generation campaigns. Gather data from research, analyze the information and maintain a database for reference.

It may seem like a basic task that you could do yourself in one afternoon, but when you’re in charge of multiple business functions on top of your job responsibilities then it can be tough to find time to get all of your work done.

If you need help gathering data for your marketing efforts or any other projects you have going on, then hiring someone to help is not only valuable but will also save you valuable time that you could spend working on different areas of your business instead of performing administrative tasks.

4. Follow-up Calls and emails

Follow-up calls and emails prove invaluable when it comes to securing new business; however, conducting follow up calls or emails can be burdensome if you’re already heavily invested in your day job.

With standard follow ups reported at four times per month, every hour spent conducting them could eat into roughly 8 hours of billable time within any given month. Hiring a VMA to handle such tasks can help you save time and effort so that you can focus on more important tasks.

5. SEO

A virtual assistant can help you in SEO-related jobs. There are many tools that marketing assistants can use to improve your visibility online, like keyword research and competitive analysis.

This is useful for people running e-commerce sites or any other businesses that rely on search traffic. They’ll also be able to do things like creating monthly reports on how well your website is performing or provide suggestions on how to improve its rankings.

6. Email Outreach

If you need help with email outreach, then hiring a virtual assistant can be helpful. They can look through your contact list to find people that might be interested in receiving your newsletter or other types of promotional content. They’ll also help keep your contact list up-to-date so that you always have it when you need it.

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you’re thinking about buying using paid advertisements such as Google Ads and Bing Ads that appear on search engine results pages (or SERPs), then hiring a VMA might be useful. They can help you create relevant content that includes relevant keywords and will also help you implement SEO techniques like keyword optimization and link building.

A virtual marketing assistant will set up your campaigns, run them on behalf of you remotely and help you generate leads.

Wrapping up:

Many small business owners wonder if hiring a virtual marketing assistant will help their business grow, or if it’s simply an unnecessary cost. If you ask ten different small business owners, you’ll get ten different answers. It really comes down to your needs—but it’s likely that hiring at least one virtual marketing assistant would benefit your business. I hope this guide is informative and helpful to you. We tried our best to explain every important aspect in a brief and easy manner so that everyone can understand easily. If you like it, share it with your friends.

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