Payment Policy

  1. Upfront Payment: a. For all projects and services provided by VirtualousPRO, we require an upfront payment of 50% of the total estimated cost before initiating the work. b. The upfront payment serves as a commitment from the client to proceed with the project and covers initial costs incurred by VirtualousPRO.
  2. Work Completion Payment: a. The remaining 50% of the total payment is due upon completion of the agreed-upon work and before the final deliverables are provided to the client. b. Once the client approves the work and is satisfied with the deliverables, the final payment must be made promptly.
  3. Payment Methods: a. VirtualousPRO accepts payments through bank transfers, PayPal, or any other mutually agreed-upon payment methods. b. Detailed payment instructions will be provided to the client upon agreeing to the project.
  4. Late Payments: a. Clients are expected to make payments in a timely manner as per the agreed-upon terms. b. In the event of late payment, VirtualousPRO reserves the right to pause or halt further work until the outstanding payment is received. c. Late payments may be subject to additional charges or penalties as outlined in the contractual agreement.
  5. Refunds: a. VirtualousPRO is committed to providing high-quality services and ensuring client satisfaction. b. If, for any reason, the client is not satisfied with the work delivered, VirtualousPRO will make reasonable efforts to rectify the issue or provide an alternative solution. c. Refund requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, considering the nature of the project and the extent of work completed.
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