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Data processing implies a process of converting any needed information into genuine formats for usable purposes, analysis, and reporting. virtualousPRO’s data processing services and solutions can help any organization retrieve, transform, or classify information, increase productivity and grow their business rapidly.

Data Processing Services

virtualouspro's Data Processing & Reporting Services

To help you utilize most of your business data throughout its life cycle, we enforce a comprehensive data processing program, which includes the following steps:

6 Steps of Data Processing - Data Processing cycle

With the means of various sources, we at virtualousPRO Data Entry Outsourcing take that raw data as input to produce information as output. Many businesses and firms are desperately in need of reliable as well as quality service providers.

As data processing is an essential ingredient in market research the companies utilize that information for increasing their revenue or for cutting down the price. The professionals at our firm present the data in a systematic fashion so that it is easy to understand, analyze and act upon.

Data Collection

  • Collect raw data from defined and accurate sources or
  • Use your existing data and enrich & validate them.

Data Preparation

  • Sorting and filtering the raw data to remove unnecessary and inaccurate data or
  • Check for discrepancies, repetition, miscalculations, or missing data.

Data Cleaning

  • Similar to data preparation, data cleaning is the process of fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset.

Data Input

  • Taking the raw cleaned data and converting them into machine-readable formats and fed into the data processing programs.

Data Processing & Output

  • The raw data collected from different sources are now in the 5th stage of their life cycle. They would go through various data processing methods to generate desirable output.

Data Storage

  • After being gone through all of its 6th states, now the data can be stored securely for further use. 

Data Quality Standards we Follow


No data contradictions within one data store and across different data stores.


The information your data contains is reliable and error-free.


Data is sufficient for answering your business questions.


Data is accessible and it is possible to trace the introduced changes.


Data represents reality within a reasonable period of time or in accordance with the corporate standards.


A data record with specific details appears only once in a database, no data duplicates are reported.

Data Entry Services, Processing Services & More, We've Got You Covered

Are you looking for guaranteed data entry and back office outsourcing services for your business? If yes, then look no further because we offer these services at very affordable rates. Our team of highly qualified professionals has years of experience in providing quality services to our clients. We provide high-quality services at low prices. We guarantee 100% accuracy and deliver within time frame.

We are a leading ISO 27001:2013 certified data entry company offering data entry and back office services to businesses around the globe. Our team of experts provides high-quality services at very affordable rates to ensure that your business gets maximum ROI from its IT resources.

Our team of experts offers guaranteed data entry and back-end outsourcing services to businesses around the world. We provide high-grade services at very affordable rates ensuring that your business gets maximum return on investment (ROI).

We use the latest technology and tools to provide high-quality and accurate data and analytics. We have 50+ in-house data entry specialists with 12+ years of experience who serve clients across different industries, be it healthcare, IT, or even legal we cover it all.

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